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Normandy - July 15 to August 20, 2017

When the book meets the stage: shows, readings-concerts, dinner shows, literary brunches, meetings with authors, films, workshops, writing contests, exhibitions, walks-readings ... almost 90 meetings to enjoy 'summer.

This year, the festival brings together more than one hundred authors and artists in around fifty locations in twenty cities and towns. Over eighty meetings to taste together the freedoms of thinking, imagining, traveling, loving, laughing ..., combining meetings, musical readings, workshops for all audiences, in new itineraries artistic on the territory. The Festival invites you to discover a plentiful program with renowned personalities and young talents that is betting on curiosity, including meetings for young audiences, highlights devoted to Octave Mirbeau, numerous events in remarkable places of the heritage to discover otherwise.

A 16th edition under the theme of "Liberties"
One word, one, with countless echoes, which crosses history and continents. Yesterday and today, multiple battles to defend human rights and freedoms: expression, conscience, action, creation. Independent, rebellious, creative voices, opening the way, claiming only real life.

A writing competition in partnership with the media libraries of the Region
Open letter to ... "My freedom, I have kept you for a long time", beginning of Georges Moustaki's song, but also theme of the writing competition organized from July 1 to August 10 in partnership with several libraries and media library of the region. The award ceremony will take place on August 19 at 11 am at the Prévert media library in Dives sur Mer. To participate, drop your text in the Biblio'tech.