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From July 29 to August 12 - Salle Elie de Brignac

Closely linked to the Easter festival by its youngest musicians, the Musical August allows them to play, often for the first time in public, the musical masterpieces necessary for their musical development and their entry into the career.

Like every summer since 2002, the Musical August of Deauville, happy and studious anteroom of the Easter festival, brings together around some elders some thirty young chamber musicians the most promising of their generation.
The occasion - and the place: the Élie de Brignac hall, all covered in wood - is ideal for new meetings between young musicians and to experiment new works in all chamber music groups. Label B Records will set up its microphones there to collect the sixth album from its live Deauville collection in concert with Ismaël Margain and Guillaume Bellom on two pianos.
Most of the rich musical hours of our two Deauville festivals can be found on Music.Aquarelle in free streaming. The founders of our festivals - Renaud Capuçon, Jérôme Ducros, Nicholas Angelich, Jérôme Pernoo - and three generations of young musicians and ensembles, often discovered and trained in Deauville over the past twenty years, extend their friendly hands to each other in programs of diversity and a rare richness.

The guests