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Stéphane Bern perceives a sublimated version of Versailles

François Bellec analyzes the "noise of light"

Benjamin Findinier comments on "The Easter tree"

Annie Madet-Vache comments on "The Conversation"

Aurélie Clemente Ruiz is interested in the painting "Le Marché de Tafraout"

Christine Orban recounts her crush on "Touggourt"

David Abiker perceives, in "Baya", the gentleness and the homage to the women of North Africa

Dominique Dyens sees a nice beginning of a novel in "La rue Froidevaux"

Guy Birenbaum finds in "Englesqueville" the great beauty of this campaign

Karl Laurent chooses "The Young Girls of Algiers"

Lydia Harambourg analyzes "La Chirat blanche"

Sacha Goldberger is interested in the "Deportees from Vaihingen"