June 12, 2015

12 coastal stories to share in an enriched version

In 2018, inDeauville had listed Coastal stories to share within its territory of 11 municipalities*. This magazine-inspired guide is coming out in a brand new, updated version. It focuses on all the experiences that can be had on the beach, in the water or on the water. Inside, 56 pages are dedicated to the different assets of the territory's beaches, nautical activities, sea walks, fishing, but also to sea lovers, sailing and boating professionals.

A first part of the guide that reveals the secrets of its 6 beaches

In both versions - web and paper - you will find all the facets of our coastal territory, from Villerville, Deauville, Tourgéville, Bénerville, Blonville to Villers...

With advice, practical information and maps in your pocket, the guide proposes to explore the different offers of the territory to take advantage of the benefits of the sea, relaxation, concentration and creativity. The first part of the magazine invites you to discover the six beaches, so different and so complementary.

The exploration of the beaches starts in Villerville and ends in Villers-sur-Mer. When the Graves beach in Villerville is discovered, a whole new side of the place appears, rocks and a large wilderness are revealed. Deauville gives the opportunity to enjoy a very large stretch of sand at high or low tide; children can continue to build and deconstruct their fortifications. There are no less than three beaches in Bénerville: the Lais de Mer beach on the border with Tourgéville, the Garenne beach and the Ammonites beach. The beach of La Garenne is the most lively in season, with its pedestrian promenade and children's club. The Ammonites beach, larger and wilder, runs along the Yves-Saint-Laurent promenade. It is named after the fashion designer who, in 1983, bought the Château Gabriel where the great publisher Gallimard lived. The beaches of Blonville-sur-Mer are spread out at the foot of the cliffs and are only accessible at low tide. The Laforge beach in the center of town is lined with small boards that border a children's club and a sailing club. This is where you can rent cabins, umbrellas and deckchairs. The beach of the goblins is the starting point to the west towards the marsh and its nature walks. Villers-sur-Mer sees the presence of the sea impregnate the city as the water approaches the dykes, and it is then all the strength of the water that penetrates the city.



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