DEAUVILLE On the beach > January 1st


Are you having a sea bath or not? Deauville invites you to meet again on the beach on January 1st and have the first swim of the year. About 500 bathers came in 2019!

Organized for the 1st time to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Deauville in 2010, the January 1st Bath has become a ritual for hundreds of brave bathers who don’t seem to feel cold! Encouraged by their families and friends, they meet on the beach of Deauville to share a friendly moment and joyfully start the New Year. After some tonic stretching on pop-rock airs, the go-ahead is given. The participants start running towards a reinvigorating sea water whose temperature ranges from 4° to 10° according to years but is sometimes higher than the outside temperature. A few seconds are enough. The challenge is met, and the year can start...

Warm drinks and pastries are offered to the brave participants after the bath.