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DEAUVILLE International Center of Deauville> May 23, 2021

From classic to contemporary, there is only one step ... dance. Gala d'Etoiles was born from a simple idea: a concentrate of excellence accessible to all.

Gala d'Étoiles is an exceptional meeting with the new talents of current international dance, stars and soloists of the Paris Opera and artists of the Julien Lestel Company. This 11th edition takes you on a sublime journey to the confluence of the great repertoire and contemporary works. A ballet performance under the sign of passion and high standards.

Stars and Soloists of the Paris Opera, international artists
Artistic direction: Alexandra Cardinale

"Imagine a universe of passion, beauty, where the heart gives movement to the body. Imagine the noble gesture of a classical dancer, the performance of an athlete, the poetry of an artist and the daring language of a choreographer This is the dream that exceptional dancers want to share with you. " Alexandra Cardinale