DEAUVILLE Deauville International Centre > May 10th

Classic and contemporary dance are just a step, a dancing step of course, away. The Gala d'Etoiles was born from a simple idea: making excellence accessible to anybody.

Gala d’étoiles is an extraordinary event that gathers the new talents of current international dance, stars and soloists of the Opéra de Paris and artists of the Compagnie Julien Lestel. This 10th edition is an unforgettable journey that joins traditional and contemporary works. It's a ballet show featuring the greatest stars.

Stars and soloists of the Opéra de Paris, international artists
Artistic direction: Alexandra Cardinale

"Imagine a universe of passion and beauty, in which passion makes the body move. Imagine the noble gestures of a classic dancer, the performance of an athlete, the poetry of an artist, the audacious language of a contemporary choreographer. This is the dream that remarkable dancers want to share with us." Alexandra Cardinale