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January 8> March 5

Races: winter meeting

29> 30 January

Arena Polo Tour

2nd New Normandy Horse Tour

18 janvier19 janvier

Organized by the Association Cheval Normandie, the Normandy ...

Concert: Barbara Pravi

22 janvier

After having touched the hearts of the public with the title "Voila", ...

Exhibition: Nadia and Fernand Léger

25 janvierMay 8

The exhibition pays tribute to Fernand Léger, whose works celebrate...

Horse racing - Deauville-La Touques Racecourse

26 janvier

There are two categories of gallop races, those with obstacles and ...

Prix ​​d'Amérique sales: sale of breeding and training horses

27 janvier28 janvier

In view of health trends, the annual sales of baby walkers ...

Show: "Inner Journey" by Bernard Werber

29 janvier

"Do you know who you really are?"
In this OTNI (...

Polo Tournament - Arena Polo Tour

29 janvier30 janvier

Each indoor polo tournament organized at the Pole always produces the same...

The Franciscans at a gallop: Mariel Oberthür / Edgar Degas in Normandy: the painter of horses and races

29 janvier

Mariel Oberthür is a historian and author, she published in 2018, "...

The Franciscans with an open book: Prize for unpublished novel and prize for unpublished thriller

5 February

An afternoon dedicated to the presentation of two literary prizes: the Prize ...

The Franciscans with an open book: Lilia Hassaine / Bitter Sun

12 February

A shoot took place on June 1, 2021, thanks to Vincent Roget...

Z expertise

12 February13 February

For the 9th year, the Pôle international du Cheval Longines – Deauville...

Anne-Marie Philipe & Jérôme Garcin read Correspondence - 1946-1978 - Gérard Philipe, Anne Philipe and Georges Perros

13 February

This correspondence, one hundred and twenty-five unpublished letters, is at the heart of...

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Well-being: 9 activities for a smooth recovery

InDeauville, we have been swimming in sea water for 200 years for its therapeutic benefits. A tradition perpetuated today by two thalassos and a seawater swimming pool to offer a well-being break through massages, body treatments and healthy sports sessions.


7 incredible places open their doors to you inDeauville

Elegant seaside villas, Art Deco cabins, Olympic swimming pool ... inDeauville architecture is nourished by multiple influences.

Where to sleep ?

At the water's edge, in the countryside, in a villa or a starred hotel, in an unusual place or for small budgets, discover our good addresses for a peaceful stay.

Where to eat ?

With your feet in the sand, on a terrace along a golf course, in a refined decor or in the heart of a brasserie atmosphere, find all the gourmet addresses here.

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By road or by sea, on rails or in the air, all the means of access inDeauville are here.

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Our shops & services

With more than 800 stores, inDeauville has a selection of brands to delight the most demanding shopping enthusiasts.

Gourmet addresses

With your feet in the sand, on a terrace along a golf course, in a refined decor or in the heart of a brasserie atmosphere, find all the gourmet addresses here.


Our markets & local producers

In the village squares or under the wooden halls, the markets are essential here to fill your basket.

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Our nightlife spots

Discos, night bars, boowling ... open their doors to you inDeauville.

Go to the cinema

3 cinemas, 6 screening rooms welcome you to InDeauville where filming locations and resorts for "professionals of the profession" have merged since the 1920s.

Visits and discovery trail

From remarkable villas to unmissable sites, from the marshes to the cliffs, inDeauville can be discovered step by step and fills all the curiosities!


Our sports & leisure

Play at the casino

Slot machines, gaming tables, theaters, casinos multiply the pleasures of gaming and entertainment.

Useful addresses

Administration, health, safety, emergency ... all inDeauville addresses here.

Blog - News from the territory


Two Deauvillais, stars of the 2021 Galop

At the end of this year of competition, France Galop unveiled its ranking of men and women, jockeys and trainers of Flat and Jumping horses, which is ...


Dream of Deauville: an exceptional flower

Rêve de Deauville, an old, bushy and re-ascending rose, can reach 80 cm in height. With its spiraling petals, its large salmon-pink double flowers ...

Deauville-La Touques Racecourse

Christmas: holidays under the sign of the horse

From December 18 to January 2, inDeauville is full of equestrian events and activities with horses. On the program, visits to studs, ...


A weekend with Gustave Flaubert

December 12, 2021 is the anniversary of the bicentenary of the birth of Gustave Flaubert, born December 12, 1821 in Rouen and died in...


Christmas inDeauville: bright activities for a magical holiday

Economy Tourism

Deauville, the first racecourse in France fully lit in LED

The Deauville-La Touques racecourse is inaugurating this Friday, November 5, 2021, race day, a new lighting of its fiber-sand track (2100 meters long) and its ...


4 major inDeauville events for this last weekend of October

The last weekend of October is rich in inDeauville events: fireworks, photographic trip, gastronomy, contemporary art ... Discover everything you ...

A Monkey in Winter

"A monkey in winter" celebrated every year in Villerville

What more can we say about a film which has turned into a national monument over the course of its countless reruns on television ... "A monkey in winter" has ...

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